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free medicine delivery in Carrollton

Free Delivery

Medications at your doorstep. 

Your convenience is important and after a long day at the doctor’s office, we believe your medications should come to you.

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Stay protected and stay safe.

We believe in offering the best preventative services possible to empower your health like never before. Let us get you vaccinated!

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Skip the extra trip. 

Med-sync is our unique program tailored to get you all your medications on time at once.


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Injection Clinic

A dose of confidence. 

Let our expert pharmacists help overcome your needle phobia. We are here to administer your injectable prescription medication with privacy in mind and empower a new level of confidence.


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Transitions of Care

Transition of Care

A discharge that makes sense.

After a recent hospitalization, let us help you make sense of your medications. This service empowers a better outcome by keeping you out of the hospital and bridging the gap between your care team, so you can recover easy.

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Wellness Consult

Wellness Consult

The ultimate care. 

A one on one consultation with our expert pharmacist offers you the knowledge and blueprint you need to empower your health and lifestyle daily. Take charge of your health today. 

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Personalized Medicine

Your health tailored. 

Pharmacogenomics is a service that helps tailor medications specific to your individual genetics and leaves all guesswork behind. Let us empower your health with breakthrough science.

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Compliance packaging

Simplify your regimen. 

Taking multiple pills and setting self-reminders is complicated. With our compliance packaging, your medications are easily stored and organized for easy access at once. Let us simplify your medication regimen.

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